Meet the Original: Cabin One
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Meet the Original: Cabin One
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Meet the Original: Cabin One
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Meet the Original: Cabin One
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Pick a Minimal House that suits you best

including 16% VAT based on German VAT reduction, available from 01.07.-31.12.2020

Cabin One

from 88.500€
from 86.269€

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Cabin Bay

from 149.500€
from 145.731€

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Cabin Suite

from 165.000€
from 160.840€

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Cabin Hideaway

from 71.770€
from 69.961€

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Cabin Spa

from 127.000€
from 123.798€

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Adapt the cabins to your needs

Each model comes as a configurable basic module. Simply choose your favorite Base including a daylight bathroom and add equipment packages:

2 | Bed

The handcrafted bed is your cozy retreat to rest and relax. The bed comes either as a loft bed with a stunning view of the nigth sky, as a doubledecker for up to 4 people or as a free-standing design bed.

3 | Kitchen

The kitchen is tailored to the special layout of each model and offers functional storage space for the daily cooking routine, as well as an already installed sink with fittings.

4 | Built-In Appliances

High-quality household appliances ensure more comfort in everyday kitchen life. The devices are already installed and fully functional when moving in.

5 | Storage

The modular shelving and cupboard system is ideally adapted to the space available in the minimal house and offers functional storage space for the important things in life.

6 | Smart Home

Control your home with a smart touch. Pick your favorites.

7 | Off-Grid

Make living in the future more sustainable and equip your minimal house with a high-quality PV system. Due to the built-in accumulators, you can use the sun’s energy at any time.



8 | Furniture-to-Go

Choose unique design furniture from our partner network to upgrade your cabin.

9 | Extras

Equip Cabin One with many other extras such as the spacious terrace and expand the living space into nature. Choose from your favorites.

Building has never been easier

5 simple steps to get a Minimal House by Cabin One

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In the mindset of movement
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Cabin One Showhaus

You have beautiful land and you think a Cabin One could be the perfect match? Let’s arrange a meeting in the showhouse to talk about your ideas.

Bei Kupka Garden Centre
Schorndorfer Straße 224,
71334 Waiblingen

opening times
10:00-17:00 Uhr
10:00-14:00 Uhr


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Cabin One Minimal Haus All inclusive Set für minimalistisches Wohnen