Make Cabin One yours

As architects, we can design the house, we can get an idea on how people are using the space. However, Cabin One only finds its true destiny through its residents, through different ideas on how to integrate the house into their daily life. Whether as a second home or a holiday home in the mountains, Cabin One conquers community by community. Become part of this new era of cosiness.

Become One.

Plan your own project with the Cabin One Minimal Home.

One design, many usecases.


Movement means standing in the water with both feet today and visiting the best barista in town tomorrow. Movement means progress, is speed, is summer breeze when cycling. Building houses, on the other hand, means arriving, is persistent. So can dwelling be mobile, are houses made for travellers?

Cabin One Showhouse


To ride ahead means to discover, to move on rough terrain. We are pioneers. We explored the future and designed a model of smart future living.



How do you live community? In the round of the family covenant? In conversations across neighborhood fences? What is it actually: Having something in common? It is sharing a denominator, understanding without speaking. It is strength through cohesion.

Cabin One as permanent home


Modern servant smart home: He looks into your vest pocket to dig for your habits. He knows you better than you do. He provides you with anything you need. Feel-good level 1000.

Samsung Connected Living prefab cabin


You should visit places where you can hear yourself more often. Mountains work well. Mountains create corridors to be heard. They frame your thoughts like silent monuments. However, go and seek for silence to start listening to yourself again.

Cabinski Montafon


We are collectors: We carry abundance into our homes, inspired by packed stores. But every jaunt into the countryside tells us that happiness does not come with possession. Actually, we just want to let the tides of nature take us away. Away from the objects towards the perceptible.

Cabin One Minimal House as a modular living space

Enjoy a new era of cosiness.

Cabin One All inclusive Set

Write your own minimalist story.

Explore the future of living with the Cabin One Minimal House. Whether as cosy hideaway in nature or as an innovative solution for a whole neighborhood. We are happy to assist you in your project.

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