Cabin Hideaway ist dein Rückzugsort in der Natur

Cabin Hideaway

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The Cabin Hideaway speaks from our deep understanding of how people interact with their environment. Equipped with a high quality daylight bathroom and a cozy sleeping area, Cabin Hideaway is your perfect minimalist retreat in nature.

  • Natural living with minimalist cabin
  • The Base including high-quality daylight bathroom and sleeping area with panoramic views
  • Easy to deliver due to the modular design


Usable space

15 m2

Gross floor

21 m2

7,72  x 3,43 m

Ceiling height

3 m


6,5 t

Technical details

  • Certified timber frame construction, insulated with cellulose
  • Interior walls made of three-layer spruce
  • Wood-aluminum windows, triple glazed
  • Oak parquet
  • Luminaires already installed in the entire module
  • Electric floor heating

Ansichten Cabin Hideaway Maße Minihaus

Cabin Hideaway Natürlich Schlafen


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