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Purism meets nature. Cabin Black

Innovative materials, proven concept – the Cabin Black Minimal House combines the Cabin One floor plan with a contrasting design and a durable aluminium facade. Best of all, Cabin Black is now available in the shop for 79,000 EUR.

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Traditional timber construction meets innovative design. Cabin One

Pick the cabin the suits your needs best.

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The Original. Cabin One

A takeaway designhouse for endless freedom on a small footprint.

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Cabin Bay

Double the view for a better living experience.

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Cabin Suite

More space for your ideas – High-qualitiy living comfort on 55 sqm.

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What makes Cabin One so unique


Fix costs

Speed through serial production

Certified timber frame construction

Sustainable building materials

Meeting highest building standards

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Building with Cabin One Microhouse

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Minimal, Modular & Mobile: Cabin One is a New Way of Flexible Living
The new-age rocket ship of modular homes
Escaping to your own minimalist sanctuary is easier than you think. Cabin One is offering modular, flexible solutions to micro living.